Director Kaicho Steven Johnson

Kaicho Steven Johnson, the third director, has been with NKJU since its inception in 1974. He started as a student of Seishin Kai for a few months and then transitioned with Sensei Lewis under Baillargeon. In fact, he is Lewis’ most senior yudansha. He earned his Shodan through Yondan rankings from Lewis/NKJU, and then progressed through Godan while in Japan (under Tatsuno), Rokudan from Bill Woodard’s National Karate and Kobudo Federation (NKKF), and Nanadan from the International Society of Okinawa/Japanese Karate-do (ISOK). The NKJU awarded him Hachidan a couple of years after he took the helm, in recognition of his efforts. Over the years, he has trained with other yudansha in Seishin Kai and Kuniba Kai. Along his path of development was the opportunity to train in Motobu-ha Shito-ryu while in the U.S. Navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan from 1997-2003.

Assistant Director Kyoshi Mark Moore

Kyoshi Mark R Moore began karate training and joined the NKJU in 1975 at age 15 under the late Shihan Joe Eidson in East Point, Ga and earned his Shodan in 1979. At summer camp in 1976, he trained under Hanshi Lemuel Stroud in Ju Jitsu, but couldn’t continue training regularly under him because of school. During college, Moore trained with Soke Joe Ruiz. After college, Moore started full time study under Lemuel “Doc” Stroud in 1983 and earned his Shodan in Ju Jitsu in 1989. Kyoshi Moore is currently a 7th dan in Ju Jitsu under the late “Doc” Stroud and an 8th dan in Shito-ryu under the guidance of Hanshi Richard Kelley. Mr. Moore put his martial arts skills to work in 1984 teaching at the local and state police academies, and later becoming a defensive tactics instructor at the National Law Enforcement Training Center in Kansas City Mo. for 10 years. During part of this time he was also a police officer. Mr. Moore retired from The Coca-Cola Company after 24 years in 2015 with the last 15 years as the manager of the Computer Forensics Team in the Strategic Security Division. Kyoshi Moore is the assistant director of the NKJU.

Chief Administrator Kyoshi William Hoehlein​

Kyoshi William A. Hoehlein began his martial arts training in 1973 in a high school karate club. On July 30, 1979, was he promoted to Shodan in Shotokan. Also, in 1979 he joined the National Karate Jiu-Jitsu Union (NKJU) and converted his training to Shito-ryu. For a time, he was a member of the American Martial Arts Association (AMAA). During that time, he trained with O’Sensei Jan Wellendorf (Judan), who was the Director. This led to opening a dojo full time as a business. In December of 1982 he began his career as a law enforcement officer. He had 30 years of distinguished service working for the Rocky Mount Police Department, the Roanoke Rapids Police Department and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, during which time he received numerous commendations and promotions. During his law enforcement career, his real-world experiences caused him to re-evaluate how and what he was teaching in the martial arts. This led him to develop Goshin-ha Shito-ryu. Goshin-ha Shito-ryu takes traditional precepts, principles, and techniques and applies them specifically to a defensive curriculum as a life protection art. He continued to train and teach the martial arts in various capacities during his law enforcement career and after his retirement, returned to the NKJU and opened a small private dojo (Mukashi-do Karate Kai) where he currently teaches. On May 27th, 2017 he was promoted to Nanadan and awarded the Kyoshi title by the NKJU. He serves as the Chief Administrator of the NKJU.